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About company
Борис Юльевич Ягуд генеральный директор
General Director

The Chlorine Consortium’s major activity lines

There is going on based on a survey of the industrial establishments coupled with an analysis of their activities the development of the engineering decisions aimed at modernizing the technological processes so that they should be made comply to the current relevant legislation. That work in particular includes solving the following tasks:


  • Development of the technical documentation linked to the lawful operation of the explosion/ fire and / or chemically hazardous and / or harmful installations and production facilities including but not limited to the following documents:
  • Industrial Safety Declarations;
  • Industrial Safety Assessment Reports;
  • Emergency Localization and Response Plans;
  • Operating Regulations;
  • Safety Management Systems and other documents;
  • Expert examination of the project documentation under the criteria of industrial safety for the projects aimed to modernize, temporary shut down, suspend & preserve, or liquidate the aforementioned explosion/ fire and / or chemically hazardous and / or harmful installations or production facilities.
  • Expert examination of the Industrial Safety Declarations and Safety Assessment Reports under the criteria of industrial safety for the aforementioned explosion/ fire and / or chemically hazardous and / or harmful installations or production facilities.
  • Development of both the source data and project documentation necessary for construction from the scratches of the new production lines or reconstruction of the existing ones.
  • Development of the standards, regulations, specifications, guidance documents, manuals, and scientific-and-technological basic documents on the issues of industrial safety and ecology perseverance.


“National ‘Chlorine Safety Centre” currently making up for a leading organization within the structure of “Chlorine Consortium” as well as the other members in the consortium have been cooperating with more than 500 Russian organizations and production facilities along with the aforementioned lines of activity since the year 1992.

In addition to that “Chlorine Consortium” is still cooperating with more than 100 foreign partner companies. Here are the following well-known ones among them to name just a few: “Chemieanlagenbau Chemnitz GmbH”, Germany; “thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (Italia) S.r. l.”, Italy; “Industrie De Nora S.p.A.”, Italy; “descote S.a.S.”, France; “Phönix Armaturen Werke Bregel GmbH”, Germany; “Thaletec GmbH”, Germany; “CHEM-TECH ENGINEERING S.r.l.”, Italy; “BS&B Safety Systems Ltd.”, Ireland; “Powell Fabrication & Manufacturing”, the US; “Solvay”, Belgium; “MERSEN France PAGNY S.A.S.”, France; “Chemours Italy srl”, Italy; “R2 Inc”, Canada “Asahi Kasei Corporation”, Japan; “Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery Co., China; “ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd.”, India; “Nuberg Engineering Ltd.”, India, and many more.

In so doing, “National ‘Chlorine Safety Centre” while making up for a base institution for the “Chlorine Consortium” also makes up a co-founder for “Association of the Chlor-Alkali Industry of the Russian Federation” (RusChlor) and cooperates with World Chlorine Council making in its turn up an umbrella – NGO for the following associations both national and international ones: European Federation “Euro Chlor” with headquarters in Belgium, North American “Chlorine Institute”, “Group on International Transportation of Dangerous Goods” under United Nations Economic Commission for Europe with headquarters in Switzerland and others.


The drawing on the consortium’s resources both intellectual and material by “Chlorine Centre KZ” makes it possible for the latter to wisely and effectively solve in a competent fashion the technological tasks faced by the production facilities in Republic of Kazakhstan that are currently manufacture or use chlorine, caustic soda, hydrogen as well as the derivatives of those.